Skater Spotlight: John “Stephen Blawking” Logan

May’s spotlight touches base with captain of the River City Riot, Stephen Blawking, who recently headed down to Oregon with his fellow Riot members to play in the Big O Tournament (playing under the banner of the Red Deer Dreadnaughts).

Stephen Blawking 981

Name: Stephen Blawking
Number:  9.81
Team: River City Riot, Near Death Stars

Is there a story behind your name/number?

I was christened by the lovely and talented Pyr-Ophelia.

How, when, and why did you get started in roller derby?

I used to watch “Roller Jam” on TNN. 6 years ago we went to a derby game for a friend’s birthday. I loved it.

My wife, Babe Slamenko, started playing before I did. Watching her progress and become involved in the derby community made me want to coach.

When the RIOT held their first practice, Hammer invited me down. I was hooked.

What position do you like to play the most and why?


River City Riot vs. St. Albert Arch Angels (April 2014). Photo (c) STAHR.

Blocker, voice on the track. I will wear the pivot stripe, but prefer to leave that helmet cover to the alternate jammers.

What is your best derby memory?

Our first win. We had a lot of fun.

Any plans or goals for your future in roller derby?

Excited to be playing MRDA sanctioned games. Always have fun playing with new skaters. Enjoy watching them excel and challenge for their spot on the team.

Have any advice for future skaters (fresh meat)?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Try everything and fail. Then, try it again. You’re going to be more successful the next time, and the next time. Eventually, you will master the skill you once found daunting.

In case you missed them earlier this month, you can still watch footage of all the games that the Dreadnaughts played in Oregon at this link: