Skater Spotlight – Natalie “Novelette” Lum

This month’s Skater Spotlight is Novelette – Skater, trainer, coach, and all-around wonderful human!


12735690_10153593827032479_1143224533_nName & Number: Novelette 416

Team: Dirty Harriets

Member of OCRD since: September 2014

Give us a quick ‘n dirty rundown of who you are: 

I’m an Ontario girl living in an Albertan world, and loving it!

Is there a story behind your name/number?

It’s Toronto’s area code, represent.

How, when, and why did you get started in roller derby?

I was first introduced to roller derby in 2013 back in Ontario. I had met Lanaconda who had already been playing the sport for a short while, and she invited me to check out one of her practices. I was intrigued. It wasn’t until moving to Alberta did I actually strap on a pair of skates and give it a try. It didn’t go so smoothly the first time around and was not able to complete the fresh meat intake. Though with encouragement and loving support from my partner and a little arm twisting from Badger Badger, I was tying up laces for the September Fresh Meat intake.

Why did you pick OCRD for your league? So I feel like my answer is a little lame but I joined because my partner at the time was already a member of OCRD. Though I stay because of the people in this league. Even though that sounds equally as lame lol I mean it whole heartedly.

1461952_10153593827027479_1788770256_nWhat is your best derby memory? One of my first scrimmages…I had watched and learned a lot derby between first being introduced and putting skates on for the second time. It was my turn to jam and the other team’s jammer, Divademortis, was starting in the penalty box. I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I pushed my way through the pack, eyes and ears tentative to Diva’s status. Jammer standing! I know I’m going to have to hustle. Diva caught up quickly, but I know it’s only her initial pass. Pushing hard, trying to get my points, all the while still tentative to Diva’s location. I busted through the pack! Immediately I tapped my hips, barely calling it off before Diva’s gets to her scoring pass! Success!! I had executed exactly what I wanted to do. It felt amazing to put all the theory/strategy I had learned watching, without any prompt to, into practice.

Any plans or goals for your future in roller derby? There are always goals to set out to reach and they are always changing. As for the future, no one really knows what that holds 😉

Anything else you’d like to say? I like to say thank you to Lanaconda for introducing me to roller derby!

Also, that I am very thankful for the people that this sport, this league has brought into my life. <3 Thank you.