Skater Spotlight – Trip Vicious

This skater spotlight is one of our more seasoned veterans.. Put your hands together for Trip Vicious!
10246266_10153237789585516_878716201274136216_n (1)Name & Number: Trip Vicious 21

Team(s): Oil City Derby Girls, G.I. Janes, Near Death Stars

Member of OCRD since: September 2011

Give us a quick ‘n dirty rundown of who you are:
I was never an athlete. I am not young. I am a mom of two soulful and spirited girls. I am a peaceful urban hippie. I love theatrics, the absurd, the exotic, music, art, dancing, food, life, small towns and big cities, love, coffee, words (especially when they are woven together beautifully), my family, my guitar man and roller derby.

Is there a story behind your name/number?
I had a list. A long list. I loved the culture of roller derby and the idea of having an alter ego gave me a little extra boost in confidence. In the end I narrowed my long list down to just a few and took a poll. This one fit and I LOVE music so a musical reference made sense. I chose the number 21 intentionally. It has everything to do with the origin of my name. I’ll let you figure it out.

How, when, and why did you get started in roller derby?
I started my love affair with roller derby as a fan. I had friends that had started to follow roller derby in both Winnipeg and Aberdeen, Scotland. They encouraged me to check it out and eventually took me to my first bout. I was immediately hooked but was quite certain I was far too old for the sport. The girls I watched seemed considerably younger than I. And then I met Wytchy. A bonafide derby girl just a few months my senior. And that made it seem possible. At the same time my 7 year old was growing a fierce interest in the sport. So one night I went in my jeans and a T-shirt with my 2 year old and 7 year old in tow to see what it was all about. I swore up and down I was investigating the sport for my daughter. Before I knew what was happening I had skates and pads and a helmet on and I was wobbling across the cement. My kids sequestered to a penalty box. The good old Grindhouse was a filthy, grimy, glorious place and I just hoped they didn’t lick anything. And that was that. I bought my fresh meat gear that weekend. Flashiest skates I could find. I blame it all on Easy Break Oven. It was her skates I had on that first night.

Why did you pick OCRD for your league?
Is there another league? I ended up here and it is where I planted my roots.

10665218_960979263927711_6448132684167118838_nWhat is your best derby memory?
So many. Most often the moments of success and glory in this sport are so fleeting. When just the right combination of blocker’s body parts come together to shut a jammer down…. It’s like flying. Those brief moments of euphoria are not really remarkable to anyone else or possible to describe even but they are so sweet. And when you weave them all together over the course of the last 4 and a half years they make a pretty rad super hero cape.

Any plans or goals for your future in roller derby?
To keep doing it for as long as my body will allow. Maybe last long enough to skate alongside or against my own super hero, my 12 year old daughter. I would love to make my provincial team. Mostly I would just love to keep amazing myself with all the things that this sport has made possible in my life. I am fierce. I am strong. And I never would have known how limitless I could be without derby in my life.

Anything else you’d like to say?
Ummmmm…. Yes. I could write a book. Well maybe a novelette, on the subject. There are so many facets as to why I am passionate about this sport, about the culture of this sport, about it’s tenacious emergence as a predominantly female sport, about inclusion and acceptance and redefining the term “athlete”, about how I can now model to my girls what it is like to stand in one’s own power and own it, about how deliriously proud I am to share this with my kid and watch her become the derby player I will never be able to be…. And when life overwhelms me and I find myself struggling to surface I have the love of people that say to me “For the love of love, put wheels on your feet”

I have stories. Many stories. Hit me up…I’ll share.


She likes coffee, friends. Buy her one and listen to some of her stories! 

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