Skater Spotlight – Meghan “Rump Roast” Dodsworth-MacDougall

It’s time again for Oil City Roller Derby to shine the spotlight on our newest roller derby superheroes. The Lotus Invitational (formerly called Fresh Meat Frolic) is fast approaching!

With that, we invite you to read about one of our newly graduated skaters, who will be having her big debut in just a few short days!
12380441_10156552422170234_718853981_nName & Number: Rump Roast 400F

Team: TBD

Member of OCRD since: Sept 2015

Give us a quick ‘n dirty rundown of who you are:

I am new to OCRD and moved here from the East Coast in July where I was a Fresh Meat skater soon to graduate into the Intermediate Level of Anchor City Rollers starting Oct 2014. I started green as green can be …having never ever worn roller skates in my life. I knew I had a more aggressive side when I played sports and wanted to try derby as a lot of friends thought I would be a natural. Skating did not come as easy as I assumed it would as most who know me, know I am a very naturally uncoordinated person who messes up her lefts and rights and my brain and feet don’t function together simultaneously.

Is there a story behind your name/number?

My husband came up with it as it is his pet name for my bottom. It’s an inside joke between us. Originally, I called myself Meghatron but never felt 100% like it was “me” or unique enough for my bubbly, out-going personality. We use our butts a lot in derby to block and when my husband recommended the name upon joining OCRD, I knew it was a good fit. I thank the OCRD members who really encouraged me to change it too.

400F is a temperature that you roast meat at, and I’ve always been a fan of the number 400.

How, when, and why did you get started in roller derby?

I read an article in the Metro while at the gym in winter 2014 about the Anchor City Rollers. I was in a “fitness rut”, needed a change, and wanted a new challenge. I suffer from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which basically means my body has no metabolism, so I have to work harder to maintain a healthy weight while chronically fatigued with sore joints and muscles. I wanted something higher impact but fun to take my mind off of comparing myself to others, and to really take a risk outside of my comfort zone. So I started Fresh Meat in Oct 2014 and fell in love with this sport. It still blows my mind with how far I have come as a skater!

Why did you pick OCRD for your league?

When we finally decided to move to Edmonton, the first thing I did was seek out a new league! I had 3 leagues I was interested in but OCRD was by far the most welcoming and when Scary Sherry took time to meet me in person in Halifax on her family visit over Easter and went above & beyond to tell me all about OCRD, I knew I had to join. She said they were like family and that really appealed to me as someone who was leaving her “home” province for the first time ever.

I also loved the opportunity to practice three times a week as it really helped my skills grow and develop. It becomes more of a lifestyle, and OCRD quickly became my extended family which really helped with my transition out West.

What is your best derby memory?12381004_10156552421695234_1155730693_o

I think it was when I got my cone weave the 1st time – Diva told us to skate as hard as we could and completely forget the cones. I did it in record time and then completely wiped out, and all the Freshies cheered and laughed while Diva was helping me up and saying, “Wasn’t it worth the sore ass to get your weave?”

Another one was when I was a Freshie in Halifax – we did a drill where we had to take and give hits from/to our coaches in a pack, and I knocked Coach Smashy right off her skates with a perfectly timed body hit. Smashy is an amazing jammer and I think everyone in ACR has a derby crush on her, so I felt so proud of myself when she commented that I was strong. I think that moment ignited my love for blocking.

Any plans or goals for your future in roller derby?

I would love to play with the GI Janes (I love camouflage) some day soon. I am a work in progress skater and that’s how I always look at myself. I am going to play in Lotus and the Spring Fling tournaments to get out there as a rookie and push my comfort zone more and really test my limits and further my skills.

Next year, I like to help coach more with GEJRA (with their newbies) since my daughter plays for the junior league and tryout for an OCRD travel team. I am hoping that my body holds out so I can play a long time and not to have too many limitations with my health. I do get “gassed” more than the average player and hope to work on my cardio more during the off season again.

Anything else you’d like to say?

I want to just say how proud I am to be a part of such a great group! I appreciate how far everyone has come especially in the Fall 2015 intake. I learn something new about derby and myself every practice and feel really fortunate to have met and become friends with a lot of you! The coaches really take the time to explain all the techniques and offer advice and non judgemental criticism anytime and genuinely want you to succeed. I was worried originally that I wouldn’t fit in with my quirky personality but I have really felt embraced and welcomed at OCRD so I thank you and I am glad that you never allowed me to quit and truly be myself!
Come on down to our Annual Lotus Invitational and see our Rump Roast use her assets and knock the jammer down! This Saturday, April 16th!