Skater Spotlight – Diva De Mortis

This month’s skater spotlight is veteran skater Diva De Mortis.


Diva poses for the camera in a way that is uniquely hers.

Diva and I sat down and chatted about her over 5 years with Oil City Roller Derby, the experiences that come with being an older skater, and what she’s looking forward to as she continues to play this sport.

You can listen to that conversation here.

Diva De Mortis Tells It Like It Is



Diva often attends Pride festivities in both Edmonton and Vancouver.

Diva has been a consistent force with Oil City for over 5 years now. In that time, she has proven herself invaluable, not only on the track but off. She has lead the league through a transition and rebuilding period as league president over the last three years, and her service in that role has been greatly appreciated. Thank you, Diva!


Making her voice heard on the track is not something Diva is afraid of. And here she is doing just that.

Diva is also a force to be reckoned with on the track. Her game face can be truly terrifying, and playing against her often hurts. She is solid and determined, whether she is hunting down the opposing jammer, or creating offensive holes for her own jammer, you don’t want to be in her way. Diva is also the coach of our men’s team, River City Riot, and the MRDA men’s team Alberta Dreadnaughts.

As Diva is always working on improving herself, both on the track and off, her future in the league and the sport will be exciting to watch.

The Dirty Deets


Diva’s game face. As mentioned, terrifying.

Derby Name: Diva De Mortis

Derby #: 1918

Age: 43

Height/weight: 5’7″/170lbs

Hometown: Edmonton

Position played: PBJ (less J these days)*

Team (s) played for:  Previous: Tank’er Girls, Drill Bits, OCDG All Stars

                                Current: OCDG ( OCRD Travel Team ), GI Janes, Space                                                            Oddities, River City Riot, Alberta Dreadnaughts.

    * For those not up with the derby lingo, PBJ refers to a player who plays all positions: Pivot, Blocker, and Jammer. It also refers to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, my personal favourite, but that isn’t relavant. *

What do you have planned for November 26, 2016? 
Nothing? Well, why don’t you join us for our annual Ska8mare event. Three action packed derby games featuring skaters from all over Alberta and elsewhere, including co-ed, rookie, and womens games.