Skater Spotlight! The talented Alabama Slammher!

What is your derby name and number
Alabama Slammher – 820

Is there a story behind yours name and number?
Well, I was born in Alabama so I thought I would put a little of me in my name and I get to slam people for fun (and safely of course) so I thought Alabama Slammher would be appropriate. And my number 820.. it is kinda mushy.. it is my boyfriend’s and my birthday numbers, we were both born in August .. me the 2nd and Dale on the 20th. 😶😶

What teams you play on (house/travel/mixed)
I play on Damaged Inc as well I am the assistant Captain. I am also on the Dirty Harriets but I have not yet had to pleasure to play with them yet.
How long have you been a ,ember of OCRD?
Since January 26, 2017
Why did you pick OCRD? First league I knew was holding a fresh meat session.
And because from the first night of orientation there was such a warm welcoming feeling that every one gave. Everyone was willing to help and give you pointers on different things and no one was judgemental of how I did a skill. If one person’s methods did not work there was someone else right there to give a suggestion that worked for them. Everyone is so heartfelt and genuine. OCRD is there to help everyone achieve their goals, not just their own. It is a true team effort.

How, When, and why did you get started in roller derby?
It was always a guilty pleasure of mine from when I was younger watching the high bank derby. My boyfriend has hobbies and he suggested that I find one as well. I told him about derby and he said to look into it. So 3 yrs ago we found some games that were being played at the dome and we went and watched. And it was amazing. And in 2016 is when my sister, Savannah (Taco Bruiseday) and I found out about OCRD at the Taboo Show where Miz Kracken told us to come and check out the fresh meat program. So we did and went on the 26th of January 2017. Savannah told me that she was just going for moral support for me because this was something I wanted to do and she said that she was not really thrilled about it because she had had a bad experience on roller skates when she was younger. She was also very adamant that she was just doing the 2 free weeks. Well we all know how that ended up.. OCRD gained Alabama Slammher and Taco Bruiseday at that fresh meat intake. And from that day forward I have never looked back or regretted my decision that day.

What is your favorite Position on the track to play?
Honestly, I love to jam. I know I need a lot of work in that area but it is such a rush. Especially when you get lead jam and you feel like you have all the power even if it is just for a minute. I am also working on being a better blocker. All the advice from all the trainers at all the team practices are making this possible.

So give us a good run down of who you are.
Who am I … hmmm I am me. You like me or you don’t. Sometimes I can be a little rash or considered a b****.. but the true me is that I like to help everyone. I am dedicated to things that I put my mind to. I am strong willed and sometimes I forget filters but it is not on purpose. I care and I just speak my mind.

Whats your best/favorite derby memory?
There has been a few. Jamming in my first game in Ft. Mcmurray in July 2017. Getting the “Goat to Gazelle” award from the league 😶😶. Getting the MV BLOCKER Feb 25 at the Calgary Fresh Meat Invitational. And last but not least.. Feb 27 just before breaking my ankle.. I did 27 laps in 5 mins and 58 secs… me I did it.. 😁😁

Any plan or goals for your future derby career?
After healing from my mere flesh wound (my broken ankle)… hehe .. I want to ensure that I mend properly and I can do everything safely when I am released to skate again. Redo my benchmarking.. Play again with all my teammates.
I am no spring chicken so as long as these ole bones of mine can keep up with my young mind and heart I will skate my heart out and do ALL OF THE THINGS.
I will always be a part of derby, whether playing, NSOing, events. I will remain forever in the derby world 😁

Anything else you would like to say to the derby community or potential new recruits?
I would like to say.. if you ever want to do something do it. Don’t be scared. Take baby steps and work towards a goal one step at a time. If you don’t try then you cant say you cant do it. I never ever thought i would be where I am today in the derby world. Since being with OCRD I have found some amazing friends. People I am proud to call my friends. People that are behind you and support you and encourage and help you achieve your goals. From what I have seen in other sports everyone is out for their own self improvement. Not in the derby world. People from all over are willing to help everyone. Whether it is with a skill or borrow some wheels for a different surface or giving you advice on trying something different to achieve your goals. Everyone that is involved with derby is there to have fun, play some derby, throw a shoulder or two, and be part of a team. Roller derby has changes my life in 15 months more than anything I could ever imagined and I would not trade it for anything.
Keep on skating and making those left turns.

All the derby ❤
Alabama Slammher