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You may have seen information about OCRD’s March game – our coed game double header, with a lowco game.  I am sure this has some of you wondering – What the heck is lowco derby? Derby is an ever changing, ever evolving game.  As time has gone on, there’s been a bit of an evolution… Read Article →

  Oil City Roller Derby is proud to announce that we have joined the DERBY HELPING DERBY  challenge, put on by the Redcliff Foxy Rollers. Our league has been asked to participate in this grass roots movement to lend direct support to our derby family, the Tar Sand Betties of Fort McMurray. Want to find… Read Article →

  An exciting thing has happened at OCRD! Kris from Bloom and Blaze has created a whole new logo for our Lotus Invitational! Kris has done so with great kindness, as she is an independent creative consultant and has donated this logo to our league out of the goodness of her heart. It is obvious… Read Article →

Waiting to register for the Lotus Invitational?  Wait no longer!  Registration is now open for both skaters and officials. Click here for skater registration. Payment for skaters can be done here. Officials registration is found here. Looking to find out more info on the Lotus Invitational?  Check out our Events page, or Facebook.

The Lotus Invitational is on it’s way! (Find out more details about the Lotus Invitational here) This year, Oil City Roller Derby has partnered with WIN House. All of the proceeds from the Lotus merchandise that we sell will go right to WIN House. Additionally, we will be collecting various household items for WIN House…. Read Article →

  The spirit of the holiday season is alive at OCRD! The 2015 season is over, but that does not mean that OCRD members are not keeping busy. On Dec 1, OCRD’s own Trip Vicious, Soup Kitchen, Rola Fett, Kay-Os, Hyde and Luna Shovegood were joined by Luna’s husband Mike (yes that’s his “real” name)… Read Article →

A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to come and make Sk8mare another success. Thanks to all the Refs, NSO’s and Announcers, you were awesome! I would also like to thank Stay Pufft for running the Announcers clinic, Fixer Right and Coral Grief for running the NSO clinic and Kurz so Good… Read Article →

Help support the Oil City Roller Derby League! Campaign runs November 1-14th, 2015 Back by popular demand! Gift Cards! So how do you place your order? Go to: www.fundscrip.com  Click “Support a group” Enter Group Invitation code: 57YN8L Login or create a new account and browse the numerous gift card options Choose a payment method… Read Article →

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