Social Contract

I  ______________________ (legal name) , a member / visitor (circle one) of Oil City Roller Derby (OCRD) hereby commit to being responsible participant, and in doing what it takes to learn, grow and help others to learn and grow within this league.                                          

The OCRD social contract is based on Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements (

Participants will respect all fellow participants including (but not limited to) coaches, trainers, skaters, officials, observers, vendors, family members, friends, colleagues, volunteers, fans and staff of the facility. In order to do so, participants must understand and commit to the following:


  • Being impeccable with their word. Participants do this by:
  • Doing what they say they are going to do – Following through on promises and commitments
  • Doing their part to make this league a better place and to create an environment of safety for everyone
  • Taking responsibility for their verbal language, body language and trying their best to be aware of how they are perceived by those around them, this includes being aware of the use of inclusive and anti-oppressive language and by ensuring you are representing the league and league mates honorably in public including social media
  • Being truthful
  • Not taking anything personally.  Participants do this by:
  • Listening to instruction and feedback and taking it as a means to improve, rather than as negative feedback
  • Accepting penalties and feedback without argument
  • Understanding that questioning feedback is acceptable, but in a respectful way and at an appropriate time
  • Understand that people may inadvertently use non-inclusive or oppressive language on occasion and use this as an opportunity to educate them to prevent future issues
  • Not making assumptions.  Participants do this by:
  • Understanding that each individual comes to derby with their own story and that we do not know what is happening in that individual’s life at any given time
  • Understanding that each individual has their own limitations and strengths and these may not match their own
  • Understanding that inclusivity includes respecting everyone’s self-identification and using using inclusive and anti-oppressive language until you get to know the language prefered by the individual
  • Taking the above into account, participants will take responsibility for being respectful and considerate to the needs of others, not interrupting trainers or other participants, trust in their fellow participants (including trainers – you don’t know what their goal is for the session they have planned), saying only positive things to one another on and off the track including on social media, and trusting that everyone who is participating is doing their best and that one person’s best may not look like another person’s best
  • Always doing their best. Participants do this by:
  • Giving 100% of their attention to the trainer(s) and coach(es)
  • Being prepared for the activity they are participating in and in the choices that they make
  • Accepting their own limitations and modifying their activities (skating and non-skating) to match their limitations rather than just giving up
  • Persevering through skating drills and non-skating commitments regardless of how easy or difficult they seem, unless injury or personal circumstances prevents them from doing so
  • Informing trainers, coaches and league mates of any limitations that may interfere with their training or with following through with commitments
  • Ensuring you have educated yourself on the inclusivity policy and employing the concepts whenever possible
  • Ensuring you represent yourself, your league and your league mates in the best light directly and on social media

I understand that my role in this social contract is to live up to the four agreements above, accept consequences when I do not, and continue to work to become a more responsible person and contributor/visitor to the league.

I also understand:

  • It is my obligation to know the expectations that have been developed by OCRD
  • I have a right to voice my opinion about any rule, expectation or consequence and have the right to provide feedback to a fellow participant or to the league and I will do so confidentially, in a constructive manner, and at a time that will not impede the natural progress and flow of the game or activity
  • That it is my responsibility to communicate with as much clarity as possible; this includes providing communication as well as receiving it; over-communicating is preferred to under-communicating
  • That it is my responsibility to be accountable to the rules and expectations or accept any consequences that may be incurred
  • Consequences will be determined on a case-by-case basis by OCRD – a basic flowchart is attached to demonstrate how failure to uphold this contract will be managed.

By my actions and my signature below, I hereby commit to doing my best to fulfill my responsibility to OCRD and this social contract.


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  • This contract is signed virtually when a new member joins the league through the membership package found here:
  • This contract is signed virtually every year by each member of the league by completing this form:


Current resolution process:

Resolution process

An email response will be delivered within three (3) business days for all parties involved at each level of resolution. In this response all parties will be asked when they are available to meet other party and the person contacted. The person being asked for resolution will be informed of why the resolution is being sought. If you have asked to remain anonymous in your resolution you will than forfeit the opportunity to be present at this meeting, but will be informed of when it will happen and what the result was. If you choose to not be present at this meeting you will forfeit the opportunity to consult in how resolution is being completed and resolution will then be determined by the party contacted.