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And we’re back with another Skater Spotlight. For the month of April, we are spotlighting London Brawling. The hard hitting, brick wall blocker from the G.I. Janes, London once thought that derby wasn’t a real thing.This is no April Fool’s joke. London and I sat down and talked about her derby experience and what she… Read Article →

Its a new year! And with a new year, we have a new skater spotlight.  And to start 2017 off right, we have the indomitable Al Diablo. Al and I have had many discussions over the years about derby. This time, I recorded it! You can listen to it here. Al reminisces about derby and… Read Article →

The November skater spotlight is here and this month we are featuring one of ourrookie skaters, End’hers. End’hers and I sat down prior to practice one evening and had a chat about her derby experience and balancing her home life with her derby life. You can listen in on our chat below.   End’hers tells… Read Article →

This month’s skater spotlight is veteran skater Diva De Mortis. Diva and I sat down and chatted about her over 5 years with Oil City Roller Derby, the experiences that come with being an older skater, and what she’s looking forward to as she continues to play this sport. You can listen to that conversation… Read Article →

This month’s skater spotlight is none other than Stupid Sexy Flanders!! I had the opportunity to sit down and have a little chat with Stupid Sexy Flanders about his time with OCRD, his thoughts on roller derby, and what he’s looking forward to in the future of this sport.  Take a listen. Stupid Sexy Flanders… Read Article →

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