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This month’s spotlight is on one of our trainers here at OCRD and, coincidentally, our poster girl for the game on April 10! Name: Kay-os Number: 24 Team: Dirty Harriets, Near Death Stars, and Oil City Derby Girls (travel team) Member of OCRD since: April 2014 (almost exactly 1 year!) Give us a quick ‘n dirty rundown… Read Article →

In honor of our semi-annual Recruitment Week, this month’s skater spotlight highlights a very recent graduate of our Fundamentals Program, and very recent addition to the league who is fitting in juuust fine. Name: Luna Shovegood Number:  31 Team: Damage, Inc. Member of OCRD since: January 2015 Give us a quick ‘n dirty rundown of who… Read Article →

Better late than never, introducing our February skater of the month, Bloody Fairy! Name: Bloody Fairy Number: 131 Team: Dirty Harriets & Space Oddities Member of OCRD since: 2013 Give us a quick ‘n dirty rundown of who you are. Who am I?  That’s a good question.  I wear many hats. I work at the… Read Article →

With enough enthusiasm for derby to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool, and enough metal in her legs to be classified as the Bionic Woman, Badger is, simply put, an enigma. Name: Badger Badger Number: Ti22 Team: Dirty Harriets officially, but consider all of OCRD to be my team Member of OCRD since: June 2014 Give us a… Read Article →

This month the spotlight shines on three time award winner Motor Vader, a skater who lives up to her name and then some.  She is one of the league’s many cheerleaders and one of the resident geeks to boot. Name: Motor Vader Number: 501st Team: G.I. Janes, All-Stars Member of OCDG since: 2014 Give us… Read Article →

This month we have our first spotlight on a member of the Riot, none other than our resident Scotsman, Mad Piper.  Piper hits like a tank and has been known to give bruises to people trying to hit him, simply by standing still.  Rumor is he also plays a musical instrument of some kind… Name:… Read Article →

We’re back again, and this month we get to learn more about Bonnie “PileDriver” Somerville.  PileDriver plays for both the GI Janes and the travel team All Stars, and she also happens to be one of the hardest hitters on the track (as I can very much attest to – ouch, my poor shoulders).  Read on!… Read Article →

The sorting hat hath spoken, and the first skater to be spotlighted is Keely “Low Key” Lucas.  Read on to learn more. Name: Low Key Number: 314 Team: GI Janes Member of OCDG since: Approx. September 2010 Give us a quick ‘n dirty rundown of who you are. I’m 26, a technical writer, and someone… Read Article →

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