Skater Spotlight – Al Diablo

Its a new year! And with a new year, we have a new skater spotlight. 
And to start 2017 off right, we have the indomitable Al Diablo.


Photo credit: Anthony Canada

Al and I have had many discussions over the years about derby. This time, I recorded it! You can listen to it here.

Al reminisces about derby and offers some words of wisdom


As a green ref, Al Diablo helps fix the track during an E-ville game in 2011 Photo Credit: Anthony Canada


Al looks disappointingly at the refs while coaching the River City Riot during Flat Track Fever in 2015. Photo Credit: Moloich Photography

Al Diablo has been a long time member of OCRD, and an even longer time member of the derby community, having begun his derby experience as a derby girl catcher at a game over 7 years ago. He then moved on to reffing for  E-ville at the urging of a friend, and until his retirement ( may or may not be permanent ) from playing derby in December of 2016, Al was the longest active player of Edmonton’s men’s team, River City Riot, having taken on the role of captain and co-captain respectively.Over the years, Al has been an incredibly dedicated member of the derby community, travelling all over Alberta to both ref and play. There have been summers where nearly every weekend has been filled with derby related events for Al. As a member of OCRD, Al spent time serving on the board as both Athletics Director and Communications Director. This was on top of being captain of the River City Riot, a member of the training crew, head referee, and a player. He has alsotaken on the role of coach for the River City Riot when injuries have prevented him from playing.



Showing off his infectious smile after a practice with Heartland Roller Derby in Fort Saskatchewan, along with good friend Hammer, and fellow OCRD skaters Roxy Belle Boa and Barbicidal Maniac.


Al, assisted by the power of BEER socks, lays a hit on Nomad of the Red Deer Dreadnaughts.

As mentioned in the interview, as a player, Al is always wily and sneaky, which leads him to be incredibly effective in both the blocker and jammer roles. Couple that with on track awareness, and a drive to win, Al is a force on the track. Although, frustration can sometimes get the better of Al on the track ( I understand the irony of that coming from me ), his quick wit and ready smile are the norm for him while on the track and off. As a player, Al has had the opportunity to share the track with some of the best skaters in the world, including Puget Sound Outcast Derby ( currently ranked #6 ), Magic Johnson ( Edmonton’s first Men’s national team member ), Team NinjaJapan ( Japan’s men’s national team ), and various members of the Glenmore Resevoir Dogs out of Calgary.





While donating blood during a River City Riot blood drive, Al looks as dapper as usual.

Through all the ups and downs derby has to offer, Al has continued to be a strong leader within the community. Seven years of dedication to a sport is nothing to be taken lightly, and although he has retired ( for now ) as a player, the sport is well served having Al Diablo stick around to put me in the penatly box.

Thank you for your dedication, Al. This league and this sport would not be the same without you.





The Dirty Deets

Name: Al Diablo, Horny Bits
Number: 1m1 ( 11 )
Age: 44
Height/Weight: 5’10 / 217 lbs
PBJ, Head ref, JR, IPR, OPR, NSO *
Team(s) played for/role in league: 
River City Riot ( men’s ), Alberta Dreadnaughts ( Gentlemen’s ), Space Oddities ( coed ), Drillbits ( coed ), Assault n’ Peppered & Fistful Officials ( officiating crew ), Woodpeckers ( coed )
Quote: ” Yes, that’s a penalty. That’s why I whistled and pointed at you, ”
” Fine, just give me the star if nobody else will, “

* For those who don’t know:
JR = Jam Ref
IPR = Inside Pack Ref
OPR = Outsdie Pack Ref
NSO = Non-skating official ( we always need more of these people… hint hint *











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