Skater Spotlight – London Brawling


London Brawling shuts down a jammer during a G.I. Janes game.

And we’re back with another Skater Spotlight. For the month of April, we are spotlighting London Brawling. The hard hitting, brick wall blocker from the G.I. Janes, London once thought that derby wasn’t a real thing.This is no April Fool’s joke.

London and I sat down and talked about her derby experience and what she thought about derby when she first heard of it,

Listen here to hear all her secrets.


London Brawling on one of her trips to Europe.

The punk rock loving London Brawling began her derby career as a very green skater, but didn’t stay that way for long. She instantly became a skater to watch as she made her way through our fundamentals program. London was quickly drafted to the G.I. Janes upon completing the program  and immediately went to work establishing herself as a pivotal member of that team. This hard work resulted in London receiving the Rookie of The Year award for 2016. Twenty-seventeen looks to be another big year for London in the derby world.


Smiling for the camera during an OCRD practice.

London plays hard both on and off the track. An avid traveller, London has toured some of the most culturally rich places in Europe, and is currently on her second visit to London. London goes to London!!!  And when she’s not travelling and playing derby, London is jamming on her electric guitar.

London Brawling is an absolute badass to have on the track, on your team of course, ( When she’s on the other team, well, she’s not so much of an asset. ) and a stellar league mate. We’re looking forward to seeing more from her in 2017.

The Dirty Deets

Derby Name: London Brawling

Derby #: 1979


London lays a block on an opposing jammer. Photo credit: unknown, will update when we find out.

Hometown: Edmonton

Height/weight: 5’8″, 245 lbs

Position played: Blocker, occasionally pivot

Team (s) played for: GI Janes, Space Oddities




You can come watch London Brawling, and all your other favourite derby players, during our annual Lotus Invitational on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Doors open at 4pm. Tickets are 10$ at the door.